A Guide and Checklist for Australian Government Agencies

How to Choose a Fleet Driver Training Programme

To help with your evaluation of driver training solutions, we've developed a Guide and Checklist that will make the task easier, and assist you in making the right choice.

Download the Guide and Checklist

Understanding the available options and what you should be looking for

There are a number of different driver training solutions available in today's market. Each one presents challenges to you and your team. When you are planning to make a potentially significant investment of time and money on a driver training solution, it's important to be familiar with them.

The guide looks at the challenges associated with driver training, and the key considerations to keep in mind. It is the benchmark by which you should choose your training.

The checklist is a simple way to mark those considerations. Your aim should be to measure each option against comprehensive, innovative, scientifically proven and evidence-based features. The solutions you're evaluating need to tick all the boxes.

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What's inside? 

  • A focus on higher-level driving skills - learn about what makes the foundation of a quality driver training programme.
  • The importance of attitude and behavioural change -recognise that health and wellbeing don’t sit in isolation from driving. See the value in giving your drivers good reasons to change their behaviour.
  • Teaching methods that ensure information is retained -understand the four key things that need to happen to ensure your drivers retain the information learned.
  • A robust, proven implementation strategy - the importance for drivers to be engaged learners from the beginning with a strong approach to administration and communication.
  • A trustworthy, proven, evidence-based approach - why you need to be sure that the driver training programme has been developed by experts in the fields of driver safety research, psychology, and technology.


Why should our organisation upskill our drivers?

You've probably noticed one or more of the below, and if so then your organisation would benefit from implementing a driver training solution:

  • You've identified risky behaviours behind the wheel
  • You need to manage driving risk
  • You care about driver safety
  • You need to reduce repair and maintenance costs
  • You need to be compliant

Can online driver training solutions integrate with our current Learning Management System?

The right one will be able to function as part of your LMS, which is important if you're using it for other safety, policy and professional development initiatives.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a safer fleet of drivers?

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